Access All Communications

Communications and Media Relations Consulting

In the field of communication, what differentiates us is our team’s media acumen provided by the knowledge acquired through more than 20 years of experience managing national media platforms which include: written press, television, internet and radio.

Communicating effectively is a vital part of marketing your products and services. We specialize in helping companies and individuals boost their business ideas.

We offer a wide variety of communication and press services that are very useful.

  • Situation analysis
  • Communication and media plans: strategies and tactics
  • Crisis management: plan development and implementation of strategies and tactics
  • Investigation
  • Strategy development meetings
  • Calls, press releases and press conferences
  • Media Tours
  • Media trainings
  • Organizing interviews, round tables and editorial meetings
  • Monitoring and analysis of news
  • Conducting events and conferences

Content development

  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Translation
  • Design
  • Blogs
  • Podcast
  • Newsletters
  • Publications: ebooks, manuals, guides and protocols
  • Advertorials (paid news)
  • Columns
  • Articles
  • Brochures
  • Reports
  • Speeches and presentations (written and oral)
  • Websites
  • Social Network Administration
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Video journalism
  • Radio journalism
  • Audiovisual
  • Forums
  • Ad coordination
  • Live broadcasts
  • Graphic services
  • Other

Access All Brand


It is important to perform accurate studies and establish efficient market segmentation before planning and implementing successful campaigns, especially if you want to get the most out of the new digital platforms.

We provide services that can make a big difference for your organization or business.

  • Market studies and market segmentation
  • Marketing plans
  • Brand creation and development
  • Advertising and business promotions
  • Digital marketing

Access All Business

Business development

We offer advising services for the development of projects and businesses which include research and planning, customer service, writing proposals, project management and registration of brands and companies, among others.

  • Brand and business registration processes
  • Business plans
  • Business advising: training and follow-up
  • Development of proposals
  • Project Management
  • Customer service advising
  • Investigation
  • Organizational culture studies
  • Corporate social responsibility initiatives

Access All Learning

Our training services are a unique product designed by our specialists and protected by copyright to ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers. The elaboration is adapted to the specific peculiarities of the organizations to which the services are offered, according to the audiences to which it is planned to impact.

Access All Services (AAS), LLC. is a company that provides professional solutions through advice and training for the design of communication strategies, marketing and business development.

Through its Access All Learning division, AAS promotes the training of individuals and business and nonprofit organizations through: workshops, conferences, coaching (direct advice) and development of teaching materials for different platforms, including printed, electronic and digital.

The main AAS training line focuses on the fields of communication, marketing and business development. In addition, AAS develops similar services of other topics to fit the needs of your institution.

Clients and collaborations:

AAS has developed training services for clients and collaborators, such as:

  • Caribbean National Forest (El Yunque) -Vitrina Solidaria
  • Crearte
  • Boys Scouts of America, Puerto Rico Council
  • Fundación Banco Popular
  • Fundación Sila Calderón
  • Inova: Business incubator Inteco and Caguas Municipality
  • Puerto Rico BloggerCon
  • Toro Verde Adventure Park


The workshops are designed in tune with the needs of customers. The structure includes a theoretical part in which the subject is developed with updated content. Then, in a practical part, the new knowledge is applied and deepened according to the level and reality of each person or organization.

The multichannel communication workshop offered at the Banco Popular Foundation is one of the most requested by our customers.

To do this, we try to work with groups that are not too numerous, always with the highest standards of quality and confidentiality to create a safe environment that promotes greater professional growth.

The time frame is determined according to the nature of the subject that is addressed and the specific objectives of the client.


The content of the conferences developed by the Access All Learning division of AAS is presented in a pleasant and clear manner by specialists with vast experience in their fields.

The conferences allow us to reach a wider audience, whose number of participants is determined by the capacity of the physical space where they are taught. All lectures can be complemented successively by an individual, group or team practice session.

Conference-workshop (COMBINED)

AAS also provides the possibility of a combination of both models (conference and workshop) that can be offered the same day or in different dates and spaces according to the convenience of the client. Through this option, the conference is offered first and then the individual, group or team practice part.



Among the training topics that AAS designs in the field of communication are:

  • ONE-ON-ONE TRAINING: Media Access 101
  • MEDIA TRAINING: preparation for a television, radio and print media interview
  • SOCIAL NETWORK ETIQUETTE: for your company and employees
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS LEGAL ACTIONS: how to avoid them
  • FANPAGE MANAGEMENT of Facebook for individuals, business organizations and non-profit organizations
  • ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT for LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube
  • PROJECTION AND IMAGE: for the spokesperson of the company
  • ENTREPRENEURS’ PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO: learn the business image skills.
  • BLOGGING FOR EXECUTIVES: direct communication
  • PODCAST FOR BUSINESSMEN: direct communication
  • WRITING OF BLOGS and press releases
  • WRITTING: improve your skills and know the new language rules
  • COMMUNICATION PLAN: key element for your business.
  • WEB DESIGNER: fundamental elements for your business website


In the field of marketing, AAS designs the following training topics:

  • Engagement: marketing tools to promote your project
  • Marketing plan design
  • Prepare your Press and Media Kit
  • Storytelling: tell the story of your company with impact
  • Engagement: marketing tools to promote your project
  • Marketing plan design: Prepare your Press and Media Kit
  • Storytelling: tell the story of your company with impact
  • Corporate identity
  • Digital marketing

Business development:

AAS develops and facilitates training tools for vital aspects of your business in areas such as:

  • DESIGN and creation of business proposals.
  • DEVELOPMENT and writing of business plans.
  • STEPS fundamental for the creation of a company.
  • CREATING the company in the governmental structure.
  • DESIGN and writing of the business prospectus.
  • CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: doing good does you good.